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Get high-efficiency, climate-friendly cooling and heating. Save money, reduce emissions, and improve comfort.

It really is that easy.

Now is the time to switch to a high-efficiency, climate-friendly heat pump. Kelvin makes it simple.

  • My monthly utility bills have gone down by 50%. And all it took was a single day install. I wish I'd switched to a heat pump years ago!

    Antonio L.
    Austin, TX
  • We knew we wanted to replace our furnace, but we didn't know where to start. Kelvin gave me an instant quote and made everything easy.

    Marissa H.
    Round Rock, TX
  • We wanted to electrify our home. After wading through dozens of quotes, Kelvin was the only one to make it clear exactly what I was buying. I've recommended it to all my friends.

    Cameron C.
    Austin, TX

Less money, more comfort

Modern heat, inverter-driven heat pumps can achieve efficiency 4x higher than that of a gas furnace.
Fully electric
Heat pumps are 100% electric. No more piping natural gas into your home.
Superior comfort
Eliminate drafts and hot spots caused by furnaces. Heat pumps use variable-speed compressors to maintain more precise and comfortable indoor temperatures.
Good for your wallet
A heat pump replaces both a furnace and A/C, while saving you money on your utility bills. Heat pumps result in an average savings of over $200 per year. The average American gets $3,000 back from rebate programs via their utility.
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HVAC, the modern way.

We help handle the entire design, quote and installation process.

Instant estimate

No need to wait days or weeks to get an estimate of your costs. We give you a clear, transparent cost breakdown instantly, online.

Tailored for your home

Our software analyzes your home with 30 years of weather data to determine exactly what you need, and our experienced technicians verify every detail in-person.

Rebates included

The average homeowner gets $3,000 in rebates for installing a heat pump. We'll help you get the maximum savings possible.